Marie-Elisabeth FAYMONVILLE


Bio: Professor Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville, Doctor of Medicine with PhD thesis in Anesthesiology, is the director of the Pain Clinic and Palliative Care in the University Hospital of Liege (Belgium). Since 1992, she introduced hypnosis as a new anesthetic technique and, since 2008, she teaches groups of patients (oncologic or chronic pain patients) selfhypnosis and selfcare. In collaboration with the Coma Science Group (, she publishes about the neurophysiological correlates during different modified or altered conscious states. She is author and co-author of over 200 peer-reviewed publications. 
Professor Faymonville will speak during "Dyspnea 2016", at the end of the morning session of June 17 2016, on "The neurophysiological basis of hypnosis", with Dr Capucine Morélot-Panzini as the session chairperson and discussant. 

Dyspnea 2016 message: "Hypnosis has been used to decrease pain and discomfort but what is hypnosis? What are the neurophysiological correlates of hypnosis and how can we use hypnosis with palliative care patients? Could it be used to alleviate dyspnea?"

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