Bio: Professor Metin Basoglu, MD, PhD, is founder and former Head of Trauma Studies at King's College London and founder of the Istanbul Center for Behavior Research and Therapy in Turkey. He is internationally known for his research on mental effects of wars, torture, and earthquakes and their treatment. He brought a scientific perspective over the debate on what constitutes torture by publishing research evidence showing no distinction between torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment in terms of their immediate and long-term mental impacts.
Professor Basoglu will speak during "Dyspnea 2016", at the end of the morning session of June 16, 2016, on "Asphyxiation torture and its psychological consequences: the dark side of respiratory psychophysiology", with Professor Bob Banzett as the session chairperson and discussant. 

Dyspnea 2016 message: "Asphyxiation is one of the most distressing forms of torture and even more traumatic in the long-term than physical torture involving excruciation pain"

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